Coronavirus protection equipment

Protect your staff returning to work after lockdown


The right protection for COVID-19 in the workplace

As a business, have you thought about how your staff can return to work safely whilst maintaining social distancing?  Many businesses will need to adapt the working environment to ensure regulations are met and the best duty of care is provided for staff and visitors. It’s a challenge for us all.  Landmark Office can help you meet the challenges of your staff returning to work safely. 


Customer service as at the heart of our business.  We care about our customers as they care about their employees.  

We want to help you build a safe environment to welcome your staff back after lockdown.

We have a range of solutions available and would love to chat to you about them and see where we can help.

Screen protectors

We can provide a flexible acrylic screen system which can be fitted around your workspace to shield and divide people from the risks of catching airborne viruses like coronavirus. 


The screens are simple yet very effective;  easy for you to install, clean and maintain and suited to most working environments.  They are 100% transparent and come in a variety of sizes, including desk-mounted and floor standing units. 


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Easy to clean chairs

Our easy-clean chairs are available with leather-look vinyl, available in 51 colours, with a subtle surface grain effect and full matt appearance.

With a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE, they provide maximum protection including for use in heavy duty enduse areas in sectors such as contract, healthcare and hospitality.

Hands-free sanitiser dispenser & PPE

We can offer a hands-free santiser which is a unique dispenser design allowing application of hand sanitiser without the risk of cross
contamination through direct contact with hands.

The sturdy stainless steel pillar is completely freestanding and can be easily installed anywhere – either indoors or outdoors beside a building entrance.

The robust base has been designed to be secured to the ground if required to avoid vandalism, plus the smart dispenser design makes refilling easy but keeps the sanitiser from being tampered with.

We can also offer a range of PPE packs for staff including facemasks, gloves & hand sanitiser.

Entrance mats & floor tiles

Our standard carpet tiles, sized 500mm x 500mm are easy to install and can temporarily be situated to advise and remind people of the minimum 2 metre social distancing rules, eliminating the need for sticky tape and trip hazards.  

Our welcome mats similarly remind and advise the 2 metre social distancing rule.  Available in landscape or portrait, they have anti-trip edging and are washable.

Interested in learning more?


Get in touch with Landmark Office today to have an informal chat and see how we can help you protect the staff you value.



or call us on 01799 544006



Get in touch with Landmark Office today to have an informal chat and see how we can help you protect the staff you value. or call us on 01799 544006