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Through our separate division, Landmark Business Supplies Ltd, we pride ourselves not only on the huge number of products we are able to offer but also on the high level of personal service we supply and an honest way of doing business. We have a vast array of business supplies to choose from including the usual stationery items – toners, paper, envelopes etc, as well as janitorial and breakroom products, IT equipment and even (branded or unbranded) workwear.
Products are competitively priced and everything is available under one roof making ordering and invoicing easy. In a competitive market place, we understand that our customers want to keep costs down and Landmark Business Supplies is committed to working closely with our customers, to drive down costs by applying the keenest savings to regularly used items helping provide tight financial control.
We place a great deal of emphasis on customer communication and to us, the customer always comes first. We have a large customer service team always ready to answer your queries over the telephone, by live chat or by email. We can set limits, budgets, authorisations & restricted lists overall, per branch, department or employee if that is something desired. This, of course, provides control as well as potential cost savings. And if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, let us do the hard work for you. If you can’t find it, we will!
So if you are interested in a review of your business supplies, why not send us a list of your most commonly used items or request a visit. We’d be happy to come along to meet and discuss all aspects of our service in more detail.

We can offer you…

✔ Easy to use online ordering webstore system

✔ Exceptional Customer Service team

✔ Over 50,000 products. Industry Award for Best Catalogue of the Year 2016

✔ Competitively priced

✔ Local company

✔ Regular promotions and savings

✔ Ability to set up departmental/individual budgets and purchase authorisations

✔ Ability to establish restricted item lists

✔ Capability to source rare and exclusive items

✔ Free next day delivery

Our Easy to Use Webstore

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A taster of what we can supply

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you save me money?
Yes!  Contact Landmark Business Supplies today on 0345 22 22 444 to give you a no-obligation quotation on your most frequently ordered items and see how much you could save.
I like to set limits for departments or branches, can I do this?
Yes you certainly can.  We can set any limits, budgets, authorisations & restricted lists that you specify.  This can be done overall per company, per branch, department or even by employee.  We can set up your account however you like to operate your procurement.  
So everything is under one roof, what about hard to find items or something not in the catalogue?
Need a ‘hard to find item’?  Not a problem.  Our Customer Service Team will be happy to source any item for you, saving you time and money. Call us on 0345 22 22 444 with any of your queries.
But is it a hassle to switch my supplier to you?
Not at all.  Landmark Business Supplies makes the whole process easy along every step of the way.  And with our easy order webstore, our delightful customer service and everything under one roof (not to mention the cost savings) you’ll be glad you did.

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