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We’ve worked with Cambridge Universities and Colleges for many years.  We understand your needs and how you work.


Landmark Office have been a supplier of commercial furniture to Cambridge Universities and Colleges for over 12 years, to various departments.

We are trusted by Cambridge Universities & Colleges, included within their Registered Supplier List and pride ourselves on being a service driven company.

With access to a large variety of products, at a wide price range, we can supply everything from one chair to a large fit-out.

We work closely with you to make the right choices; advising on furniture that will last and function well within your environment. From space planning to installation, we are with you every step of the way to create sustainable working and studying spaces that focus on physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing, mental health and productivity of people.

References are available on request, please ask and we can put you in touch directly with other departments we have worked with.

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